The inside life of a squirrelly Christian copywriter

So if you’re someone who reads my posts, you’re probably aware that I just recently published my email copywriting website within the last week.

It was actually published a few weeks ago, as a rough draft.

But it was only last Wednesday morning I finished linking the final Typeform(.com) to capture client information for services, deeming the site functional.

What I find interesting, now that I have completed the site is recognizing what next steps there are to take to have this website deliver some ROI.

(The site name happens to be,, if you were not aware.)

Lead generation is the next step.

Fortunately, I have a lead generation educational product for copywriters I purchased several months back, written by a well-known email copywriter.

Also, yesterday during a coaching call with a couple of copywriters I work with, who’ve made more than a splash in the copywriting world. I was told I should promote my services by approaching podcasts to do interviews, share my story, and in turn (the idea being) generate leads.

As all this newness churns in my brain, it fascinates me to watch as fear and doubt battles my efforts.

They want to derail me. It’s old behavior. Procrastination disguised as “progress” lurks…

The sensation of monitoring your own actions from an observational perspective is insightful. In doing so, you can notice the emotional connection generated with intentions.

The fact that progress naturally calls us to leave our comfort zones, for this, to produce squirrelly feelings inside doesn’t surprise, not one bit.

It’s going to be fun and exciting, and scary. Generating business, producing quality conversion copy, and getting paid for it, is a good thing.

Spending a ton more time with my children as a result of producing premium deliverables, that’s the best part.

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