A God fearing copywriters take on business development

A small chain of events occurred recently in such a way they got my attention and gave me the impression God was somehow involved with them.

Not much more than a year ago, I became obsessed with the notion of writing and selling self-authored ‘products’ to help the highly motivated fledgling entrepreneur.

It’s how I got started on the path of becoming a copywriter.

This eventually led me to join a private copywriters course geared to helping freelance copywriters legitimize their business.

Starting on this path of copywriting in very humble fashion, with little writing experience, it seemed to make the most sense to begin the journey by gaining experience on someone else’s dime. Hence freelancing.

After months of course training, most of which was over my head, being outside of my comfort zone, and guided by the group leaders and peers within the course. I wrote and developed my very own copywriting services website www.christincopy.com.

The site offers email copywriting services to the Christ-focused ‘influencer.’

The site was completed Wednesday, April 11, 2018. That same day, the coaching group I was a part of abruptly ended. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

Fees were refunded for the month of training. Plus, I had just been paid by one of the coaches for a writing assignment I was invited to do, which coincidentally enough, covered expenses for the month prior…

The reason the coaching group ended early: it was an experimental pilot ‘second phase’ to the first initial group I joined back late last year. The coaches felt the group was ineffective and not beneficial enough to its members…

However, for me, it was exactly what I needed.

I found it ironic, the day the group ended on such short notice, my site was completed, fees refunded, and I was paid, the entire ‘2nd phase’ course amount.

Was God’s hand in this?

Strangely enough, I seem to think it was. He wanted me to get the site online.

Now I’m left with one main focus. Lead generation.

Fortunately, I have an education system I previously purchased back in December 2017 to help with that.

This adventure is yet to be continued…

And by the way, this occurrence was just one of the many subtle yet amazing ways I am reminded that God loves me/and you.

I am convinced, he oversees our daily lives.

And will allow me to serve him, even as a copywriter.

Your pal,




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