How to go broke while still enjoying yourself

Getting a six and a nine-year-old couple of kids out of bed at six-thirty AM during school vacation to head over to the dentist for their semiannual teeth exam is as exciting for them as it was going to bed the night before.

(Just imagine the sound of the half-time buzzer at a hockey game, as the theme-sound of their enthusiasm:)

This is spring vacation week. I took a few days off to hang with my offspring, have some fun, and get some much needed good times plugged in.

Sunday we had church, which is the usual thing for us.

During the afternoon we did some grumbling and unfortunately didn’t make it downtown for the open mic. Oh well…

However, Monday was a new day.

To get things kicked off right, we made our way to the Cape Codder Resort and indoor water park, where they lifted easily $120 US out of me olde pocket for about an hours worth of watery-entertainment. (Didn’t see that one coming…)

Followed by “Dad’s a sucker” with a trip to Toys “R” Us to buy nonrefundable toys during their big “going out of business” bonanza to save a measly 10% off retail. (Yet another C note happily departed:)

Today was rad.

After the mental-dental works for both my ‘chitlins’ during the AM hours, we flew outta town, via red Ford Explorer with lousy suspension, to New Bedford, MA.

Out that way, we met friends at the Buttonwood Zoo. To explore the grounds, and see the animals.

After milling around for awhile and talking e-commerce with my boy Brodi, the guy who I accredit to introducing copywriting to me, indirectly, while our kids, who’ve known each other for close to half, if not most, their lives (age depending) romped around the zoo.

Before heading back to the Cape we all macked out at some grubbing wing house snackage, we found at the local mall.

So far it’s been an enjoyable mini vacay.

Glad you could enjoy it with us.

Your Pal man-well,

P.S. Tomorrow we get to clean our rooms and take baths… I can hear the pandemonium now!


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