Why I believe in an outdated book of “lies”

Did you know that none of the stories in the Bible can be disproven?

Yup, it’s true.

Regardless of whatever you may believe about science or Darwinian theory, or Budda, or whatever. No one has disproven the Bible or its claims.

But why don’t I stop right there and make it clear I’m not writing this short piece tonight to argue or pick fights.

What I’m here to do today is make ‘good.’ Today I’m following up on a post I wrote a few days ago. Published 4/14/18 you can access the post here.

Something I’ve noticed from reading the Bible, if not entirely, close to it, and from studying, is it cross-references itself in a couple of fascinating ways.

I’ll explain.

First off, the Bible is made up of 56 books. 29 old testament books (B.C.), and 27 new testament books (A.D.). (Referring to the modern Protestant Christian Bible.)

The entire old testament foretells of a coming “savior.” One who will make everything that is wrong, right again, and restore hope and peace.

The entire new testament is about the Savior, the “light of the world.” The Christ. Jesus. His life account, and the early church’s impact and customs

Original Biblical documentations were recovered in form different regions and recorded in two languages mainly, ancient Greek and Hebrew. The docs date from different time periods and were written by different authors, as well.

But all the ancient docs are generally in “agreement” with each other. Meaning: they do not conflict each other, they do just the opposite.

Interesting fact: recorded events, like those of ancient Persia for example (among others), e.g., Babylonia (AKA: Iraq) support the Biblical timeline with their historical recordings, giving similar, if not practically identical accounts (in some cases).

It’s more than a coincidence these multiple ancient recordings all converge.

If you don’t believe me, I say fantastic, don’t take my word for it. Look into it further for yourself. Let me know what you find too.

Take care,




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