The breakfast burrito approach to sell in email

Some will tell you to give away free content in your emails without asking for the sale.

“Do it to create balance.”

“Do it feel good about yourself.”

I disagree, here’s why:

Whether you’re selling or not, you’re still selling.

Either directly, by asking for the sale.

Or indirectly, by not asking for the sale. So you can “sell” the idea that you’re not always selling. Oh, the irony.

Why not just integrate the “giveaway” with your offer get it over with?

That’s what I call balance. Give and take all wrapped up together, like a warm breakfast burrito.

Free value is wonderful, balance is great. If you give away valuable content without turning it into an offer, you’re leaving burrito money on the table.

Free content isn’t bad. It’s just not good enough. You can do better than that, Sell simultaneously.

Not everyone agrees with me about selling in every email, and that’s fine. I wouldn’t expect everyone to. Frankly speaking, it takes kinds. And that’s also where the balance comes in my opinion.

This is just my philosophy, and it’s based on my exposure, and to my liking.

In my experience, if I’m being marketed to, and there is no obvious offer, I’m left wondering, “what even is this, who are they trying to fool?”

I mean I like to learn stuff, and being friends and all, but keep it real and sell me already, if I like (and can afford it) I will buy. And be glad to do so.

Just saying.

I like writing emails that sell. If you have (quality) stuff to sell to an email list and don’t like to write. I can help.

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