From hero to zero, and back again

There was a time, not too long ago, and certainly not in a land far far away, that I was content enough, with just “getting by.”

I had given in, satisfied with the status quo way of life away: collect a paycheck, and coast in neutral, drink beer and watch red socks games buzzed. Before heading to bed, to do it all the same again, the next day.

And who could blame me? I had a job, family, life was good and what could go wrong?

…I was about to find out…

By the way, have you ever heard the expression: “a boatload of crap?”

Likely you have.

Have you ever gotten a “boatload” before?

One more question:

Have you ever considered, that another “boatload of crap” may have already set sail, and what if I told you that one is headed in your direction now, with you listed as the recipient?

What would you do then?

Well, I’ll tell you what it was like for me. To receive my “boatload.”

It wasn’t long after the dulling yet comfortable, and often accompanied by complacent alcoholic sensations wore off, that it felt like skinned and bloody knees, no longer protected by holey jeans after a bad fall.

I’ll tell you what I mean.

I got lazy and fat. I didn’t appreciate my partner; I wasn’t as supportive as I should have been.

She got resentful and restless and decided to take her chances.

She bounced y’all, as my dreams of a family shattered. Like an ashtray of glass knocked off the edge of a second-floor balcony, to the concrete patio below.

At first and for a long time afterward, I felt devastated. I mourned the loss of my family. I could hardly make it through a workday without a cry.

I remember that during this period that there were times when all I could do to make it through the workday was take each moment on its own, and then move on to the next task at hand.

It was brutal. Being separated when you are still in love is like having someone die that you care about yet they are still alive, but just out of reach. You get no closure.

When you go through a shock of a painful magnitude, it has the potential to break you. There is always that chance, but it is still a choice.

The way I persevered through all that muck, was with faith in God.

It was scary. But what I found was that both faith and fear could not occupy the same space simultaneously.

So I chose faith.

I needed inner-personal restoration, to feel whole again. I desperately clung to any remnants of remaining dignity.

I had two small children to look after as a newfound single father. All I wanted was to be with my kids. To mold them, to help them grow up.

Only one problem: I had one major setback to being with my kids as much as I needed. It was called a j-o-b.

Don’t get me wrong though, I was gainfully employed, and grateful to be so.

Undoubtedly, full-time employment restricts me from precious time with my children and zaps most of my energy.

I knew there were alternatives to supporting my family’s financial needs, but I didn’t know what… at the time.

I prayed that God would help my family prosper, and guide me to a business solution, a way to get back home, a way to earn freedom.

I vowed to fight. To not give up, and to not become a loser.

I decided to turn the pain of losing my family into motivation to succeed.

Then one day, several months later, I met a man at my daughter’s Kindergarten school orientation.

His name is Brodi. He’s financially independent. We could relate to each other, right away we became friends.

I asked, and he told me that he worked from home, was raising his two daughters, and is a single father. He was able to pull it off by working online as an affiliate marketer. And also with multi-level marketing in the fitness industry.

When he told me what he did for work, it was like a bomb went off in my brain.

As he was speaking, I was thinking: “Wait for a second, you work from home doing what…?”

Followed by me asking: “Will you show me how you do what you do sir?”

We spoke more, I related my story with his, and he kindly agreed to share his business ways with me.

I was about as happy as could be y’all.

Financial independence, being free from a job, it was a chance worth taking, a worthwhile endeavor to pursue.

What made the prospect of actually achieving the lofty dream of financial independence feasible, was the fact that the guy showing me how to earn this economic freedom, had a daughter in the same class as mine. And we were all instant friends.

I knew at that point that there was no turning back for me, no giving up. I was going to succeed or die tryin’…

It didn’t take me to long to realize that MLM in the health and fitness space wasn’t anything I could get too excited about, at least not at that time. However, working on the interwebs as an online marketer, positively thrilled me.

Possessing the ability to work from a mobile destination, while operating your very own online cash machine business, in my mind, is like a dream come true.

For several years all I did mainly was study, study, study.

At night I would study.

On the weekends I would study.

On holidays I would study.

When I would implement any marketing ideas, they would often be the equivalent of a monkey throwing mud against the wall and hoping it sticks.

Of course, it never did.

Yes, I would get some likes on my FB fan page. And, possibly random hoit to an affiliate link. But never any sales.

I never blamed the industry; I remained an ever-believer in e-commerce.

It wasn’t until several years into my pursuit did I finally realize, while listening to a webinar hosted by none other than the ‘Self Made Man’ expert marketer from Austin Texas, Mr. Mike Dillard, what to do to become successful as a marketer…

What Mike expressed, I will never forget. Upon hearing what he said, instantly, I knew what it was had to do next.

“Choose an ‘uncommon’ marketable skill to specialize in. Don’t stop until you succeed.”

The way that Mike explained it was in metaphor form.

I’ll paraphrase what he said: “Top athletes, like those in the NFL for example, are paid large sums of money to do what they do. It’s because those athletes have a highly specialized marketable skill they get paid abundantly.”

Just about anyone I can think of has the God-given ability to identify, choose, and pursue a highly specialized industry or skill to suit taste, talent, and interests, they may have.

The challenge is for many people either do not think it possible or are unwilling to put in the work necessary to become a success.

Or worser yet, never even comprehend the fact they can break through to the “other side.”

The enemy: ignorance, and lack of hope. (Not lack of ability.)

Maybe you know someone like this…

It was through the pep-talk I heard Mike give during one of his product Webinars it occurred to me it was time for yours-truly to put his “big-boy” pants on, choose a specific marketing skill to specialize in.

For me, that would mean organically, since up to this point my online marketing education had been general. More or less marketing theory.

The highly sought after marketable skill I set-out to pursue is copywriting. Ironically, since I never considered myself much of a writer. But it didn’t matter. I was attracted to it.

Something about being able to throw words down on a laptop from any corner of the earth with an outlet and wifi appealed to me.

It meant freedom.

Writing is a skill you own. It’s self-determined, it’s simple, it’s deep and earthy.

That’s my take on it anyway.

So I got after it.

Not knowing much else I just started writing every-day, every-day, every-day.

Eventually, I joined a copywriters group and started working to develop my freelance career.

Just kept plugging away, learning six days a week.

I take Sundays off to recoup, and if I’m sick, I may not write for the day.

That’s just what I’m doing. I’m sure you have interests other than writing that would attract you career-wise.

Here is a simple formula for tackling a six-figure income, as follows:

Observe the people either you know, or know of, that live the lifestyle and earning the income you desire for yourself.

Once you have this observation identified, it’s time to get busy.

Some careers work in layers. E.G., you start “here” to get to “there,” before you can get to “x.”

It takes work, as I’m sure you know. If you didn’t expect to work, you wouldn’t be on the path.

Anyway, good luck.


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