Signing off… (for now)


Justin case you’ere wonder’n where’da heck I been hide’n… (if not, that’s okay).

The answer: no’ere. I’ve been here. Out in de’open.

I done switched gears a bit.

I’ve been “evolvin'” as they say.

As some a’you may understand by now I’ma self-proclaimed copywriter (of sorts).

Well I am… And thats why I’m writin’ this little note to you now.

Here’s the deal:

I’m taking a break from my blog.

How long? I don’t rightly know.

Reason being: I’m working on a project and it’s taking all my spare time.

I’m not quite sure how long this thing is gonna take exactly, but I’m hoping not long (till I’m back to blogging).

If this isn’t makin’ any sense, or you don’t get what I’m sayin’… don’t worry bout it. This message ain’t for you.

To the few else who catch my drift: it’s all good, I’ll hope to be back soon. Thanks.

Take care,

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