The faithful adventurer

Imagine Indiana Jones, standing on the edge of a bottomless ravine… His mission, to cross the cavern to the other side.

There’s only one problem:

He has no visible path across the valley of infinite depth.

No bridge

No rope

And it’s way too far to jump…

So what does olde Indie do, you say?

How will he navigate the bottomless pit?

I’ll tell you, my friend! With faith…that’s how.

Faith in an old trustee map.

And faith, in his father.

Now if you’ve ever watched the movie scene, I’m referring to, from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” you’ll remember Indie’s father is injured and fighting to stay alive. Meanwhile, Indiana was on a cliff edge with only his father’s words echoing in his head, and a map of instructions for him to step off the ledge in a “leap of faith,” to get to the other side.

It’s with a similar leap of faith, into God, like Indiana’s in the treasure map, that’ll get you through all of life courageously, and even confidently.

I liken Indies map to the Bible, a historical document, and navigational tool for real success.

And the words of Indies father, I equate to God’s Holy Spirit who prompts us with instructions and guidance, based on our Biblical understanding, and His will.

To wrap it up: Indiana does eventually end up across the nearly “invisible” but everpresent bridge, and his Pops is restored to optimum health again.

That is all I have for now.








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When getting fired means getting retired

Dude, I just got laid off today.

That is what I didn’t expect to happen…

As far as I knew everything was excellent, there was plenty of work. Now all of a sudden I’m being told it’s time to pack it in.

Interestingly enough, too much work is precisely the reason for the layoff…

I’ll explain:

Lately, I’ve been coached professionally.

Guided along my chosen path to becoming a copywriter. Things have been going great on my end. But as it turns out, not so much for the coach.

Apparently, smoke has been smoldering from the other side of the vail…

Things aren’t what they seem in “Kansas.”

The way it was explained to me was leadership had inadvertently taken on a significantly overwhelming amount of coaching clients.

Something had to give (understandably so, e.g., scaling pains), namely me, and a few others. We didn’t make the cut.

It’s all good though. I’ve learned so much and have advanced so far.

My email copy services site is live. But now it’s time to discover the marketing aspects and promo the site.

The value for me going through this minor hiccup is it causes one to focus down on what matters most. It is time to trim the fat. Develop a marketing scheme, and get after it. It’s time to retire.

That’s what we do.

Take care,









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In doper news…

When you have an addiction, and you’re still into your sickness you aren’t seeing things for what they are.

It does something to you, it causes an altered state of mind. You no longer see things for what they are… Addiction can impair a person’s judgment. Affording them to not recognize the role they play in their own dysfunction.

My guess is that addiction causes a chemical reaction within the human body, inducing strong fiendish cravings. As receptors call for its favored stimuli.

I’ve experienced the addictive impulsive first hand and have witnessed it among friends and even family.

The thing about an addiction is that it’s tied to our body structure and it even can feel as if it acts independently of our free will.

Overpowering our ability to refrain from addictions violence, as it wages war against its host.

Here is an example, you see the closeted alcoholic, who wants to believe all is well. Loves the drink, and will rationalize six ways until Sunday their drinking is manageable.

Only one problem, it isn’t.

Wherever they go, you can smell alcohol on them. They don’t know it, but everyone around them does.

Alcohol, tobacco, pornography, prescription drugs, work, weed, general narcotics.

Fortunately, there are places to help the addicted soul.

Twelve-step programs, addiction counseling, and good old cold turkey (not recommended)

If addicted, get help.

You’re Pal,




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Simple truths

What if I told you, that here in the United States, where I was borned and when I was still a kid growing up…

(this was over 30 years ago mind you) that if you said something someone else didn’t approve of, and they had a problem with it?…

If they had nerve enough to say something to you about it…

It was commonplace for you to turn to that person and say…

“Too bad, it’s a free country, I’ll say what I want!”

That saying is so rare these days; I mean so so rare, that on Farcebook, I couldn’t even find one GIPHY that did that (sadly olde timey) phrase-from-my-yout, justice.

Yep, “it’s a free country” ain’t a phrase you hear much anymore these days.

On the other hand what I do hear frequently, is political correctness type stuff (i.e. social censorship, a.k.a. (dare I say) fascism) is the new norm.

Can’t say nothin’ without offendendin’ somebody. I say phewy to that!

If you don’t like what someone says, or how they are, you leave, you move on, you go somewhere else.

Well anyway… it ain’t that big of a deal. Just figured I’d mention something a whole lot of people are thinking already.

Even people who have different views and opinions than mine should be able to say what they want. It may not be right, but it’s how they feel…

Alrighty then, I’m out.

Your pal,


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Instead of doing what you must, do what you wanna…

It’s hard for some of us…



Greed? (depending)

are we trying to kill ourselves?

I can only speak from “American eyes” (because that’s all I know). I notice the fact that most moms and dads work.

The day of the stay at home mum is done, mostly.

But don’t get me wrong (and I don’t frankly care if you do) this isn’t a rant about mommy’s needing to stay home.

It is, however, taking notice that people around my way, work a whole lotta.

For some, it’s a choice. For others, it’s mandatory. (And I’m not getting into the particulars of the reasons, sorry.)

It’s just leading to my accurate personal opinion that you don’t necessarily hafta work like “a one leg-ged man” in potato sack race, to make ends meet. Not unless ya wanna…

Now for some people, they love to work, and that’s cool, I get it. I resemble that notion myself.

Some hate it. I get that too.

But either way no matter what you’re position on “busting your hump” is… you’ll probably agree with me when I say that (responsible adults and) you HAVE to work.


But did you ever consider this?

What if the work that you did, was only the work you wanted to do?

What if I shared with you a simple yet effective approach to restructuring your lifestyle and career (with time practice and patience) to reposition to:

1) Do the things you want

2) With the people you love

3) In the places you want to be

The only problem, most people don’t even consider that “way of life” a genuine option.

But here is the thing. It truly is.

And here is how you make it happen:

A) Dig deep inside. Allow yourself to fathom your ideal lifestyle.

B) Estimate how much “mula” would it take to support that life-a-yours (doesn’t necessarily hafta be a-bunch. But then again, maybe it does). Now you have a target!

C) Find someone who is living your imagined ideal currently, or similarly, to follow their example. Or explore careers options that support your ideal way of life via time and money requirements and benefits. (Don’t skimp.)

D) Lastly, apply yourself. Because NOW (with the above A, B&C steps) you have a functional strategic approach to achieving this “dream” of yours. (I’m serious, get after it, you have no more excuses.)

Simple but true. (No one is saying it’ll be easy or overnight.)

If you decide to be lazy or make a bunch of lame excuses as to why the previous “isn’t the reality for me…” and all that jazz. That’s fine, keep it mediocre, that’s your choice too.

Otherwise, if you “get it”, get busy…

Anyway, I hope that helped. It really does work if you work it.


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Living on borrowed time, understanding this brings gratitude

The way I recall hearing the following phrase the first time was something like this:

“If you want to gain some instant gratitude… just remember that you’re gonna die someday.”

I’ll add to that by reminding myself (more than anyone else)… That “dios de la muerte” could be as soon as tomorrow. For anyone.

The follow up to that little ray of sunshine is a short story from yesterday…

As recently as early last December, with much deliberation, I finally resolved to speak to my boss about reducing my work hours.

Not a theme he’s thrilled talking about.

He needs qualified bodies to fill shoes and get things done.

He gave in, I got my way, I am working fewer hours for him by no longer working Saturdays.

Well at least until last week when he panicked and insisted I begin working six days a week again…

Here is another saying from a few years back, I think it was while working with Amway I first heard it:

“You can always tell who the entrepreneur is… they’re the one lying face down in the dirt with the knife in their back.”

But then again I’m taken back to gratitude.

Moral of the overall story. It’s great to be in demand…

And it’s even better to career have options.


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Servants, obey your masters… ye olde serviceable wisdom

When you’re working for the ‘man,’ and you’re about ready to ‘bust.’Instead, you’ve got to keep on keeping on…

No slow dragging, no sleeping.

No excuses…

Breaking the mold, breaking out, breaking the matrix, breaking free, busting loose, going rogue, all those references summaries ‘financial independence’ as far as this article is concerned.

Mind you I didn’t say “rich” as often the term implies.

But still, when you’re getting close, with a lot of work still ahead. The last thing you, me, or anyone in the position of “free-bird-ready-to-assume-flight” should do is to get the fateful ill-mannerisms of what is referred to as “short-timers disease.”

It’s so easy to want to get the attitude of impatience coupled with frustration when you can begin tasting the scent of freedom.

How do you know it’s getting close? Because you are beginning to brush up against the payoff.

Whether it’s more and more experiences, more frequently, and along the lines of the life you’ve been so tirelessly working towards occurring. Or possibly starting to see “greenbacks” increases in the olde ‘wallet.’

You must faithfully stay the course, ethically, and leave employment, on best terms.

And here is why summed up in one word:


That’s an important one, because once you finally ‘break free,’ you are still going to be remembered…

And people will talk. (No one escapes the gossip column.)

In a way, and for some, it’s easy to not want to care.

But you really should.

Here is the bi-product goal of earning financial freedom:

Being the example but in a great way.

And taking away all excuses for mediocre contentment (at least you tried).

Here is what the Bible be saying about this:

“Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God”   ~Colossians 3:22

That’s how God wishes for us to handle that sort of thing also.

No one said it was easy…

Good luck.

Your Pal,


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Why we do “it” like we’re doing it for the Lord

For those who don’t know, even if you don’t care, I’m an electrician.

I’ve been one, for close to twenty years…

I love electrical; I hate it. But that’s beside the point. However, it is the premise for my spiel in this post.

The short story I have today is in response to the following Bible verse:

“And whatever ye do, do it heartily, as for the Lord, and not unto men.”  Colossians 3:23

That verse is from the King James translation of the Bible.

It’s a memorized verse I have often pondered and in my experience have found quite handy when dealing with clients, when it comes to billing.

Like today. I went to my friend Andy’s house to install an inlet plug for his new generator.

Delivery scheduled a couple of days from now.

I know this because I ordered the generator for him, sized it based on his preexisting wiring scheme, purchased it in advance, and scheduled the delivery for it.

Question to myself as wrestled with what I would charge him for coordinating the “ordeal” as well as the install of the 30 amp inlet plug: What’s a fair price?

Answer: Pretend God is your customer.

How much would you charge him?

Whatever the amount decided, (I’d hope) you’d be fair.

But remember, God would undoubtedly pay you reasonably as well.

God’s not looking for bargains. And you’d want to be just with him anyhow. (He would know if you weren’t.)

So what it comes down to for me is no matter who it is. Whether client, boss, friend, neighbor or enemy. Be fair, do a good job, be honest.

Even take a loss (if need be) on occasion.

But whatever it is you do, no matter what it is you decide… always remember Jesus is watching…

Nothing is inescapable to the Lord. He knows all things.

Point taken by now, I’m sure…



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Raising kids in a sex laden society

Do I like it this way, a single dude raising a couple of “rascally wabbits” all by me lonesome?

The Answer: Yes and No. Not undecided, just unresolved.

“Unresolved” means I’m happy being single, but honestly, don’t think it’s best for my ‘chitlins’ raised in a home without both a mama and a papa.

Their mother has moved on, found herself “the man of her dreams,” and married him. Good for her, I wish her all the best for many years to come.

But here is the thing, losing the relationship with my children’s mother, being a single dad helped me mature.

It also brought into full view the reality that I was unquestionably responsible for my children’s spiritual upbringing.

Reason being, no one else is gonna do it, plus, it’s my job too as the dad and as a Christian.

The Lord dropped some wisdom to my soul in scripture form, where it states: “For the wages of sin is death,..” (more is said in that verse, but what I was ‘convicted’ of was the part I just shared) Romans 6:23.

What that meant to me during the season was very clear at the time (and still is btw), my family died because of my sin and hypocrisy.

I knew that if I don’t get my butt in gear, and get my act together.

In our case that meant, get to church consistently, my kids were going to pay the price!

I wasn’t willing to allow that to happen. It was time to act, now!

I knew what I had to do, so I went ahead and did it.

The following Sunday I began going to church, and about every week after that. No more of that every once in awhile nonsense.

Around that time, (if I recall correctly) I stopped drinking the alcoholic beverages regularly.

Now, I have to admit, for transparencies sake that while I don’t recall exactly the timeline of those events occurring, what I do seem to think is they all took place within a couple of months of each other…

…possibly even just one month’s time.

What’s been the most challenging beast for me to release has been pornography.

It’s embarrassing because it is so perverse. Just flat-out crude.

And it’s everywhere.

From blatant and overt, to subtle and passive.

At this point an entangled fixture within western culture.

I’m not making excuses, just illustrating the example, if you look at something as benign as a trip to the gas station when there at the kiosk are porn rags and “innocent” consumer rags with provocative images on the cover.

Another example: Instagram, a notorious vanity venue crawling with half-naked camel-toe laden babes showing their stuff while doing squats (or whatever).

It’s a slippery slope, but one I’m learning to navigate victoriously.

Not in my own strength, but in God’s strength alone.

I’m at the point now where I am well aware, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my relationship with Jesus, through countless sermons, prayer, fellowship with other believers and Bible reading has brought to me the conclusion that my only true and reliable source of strength comes from God and because of his grace.

This is my testimony and that’s all I have.






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Should I stay or should I go?

Who remembers that song by the Clash from back in 1982? “Should I stay or should I go”

That was an indie punk hit from back in the day.

It’s a song about a bloke in a dysfunctional relationship with a dame. He wants it to work out with her, but at the same time, I think he knows it won’t last.

Kinda sad, but many relationships workout like that.

I’m in a relationship of a similar sort. Just not with a dame.

My dysfunction is with my employer.

In many ways, our relationship is quite solid, him and I’s with our working ties. Yes, quite solid indeed.

In other ways, not so much.

When it comes to money, we don’t see eye to eye. That’s the obvious thing, right off the bat.

I got this thing though, this thing about making 6 or more figures per year. It’s just a little hang-up of mine.

And another thing, I guess you could call it a disposition, a freedom itch you could say O have.

Wanting to spend lot’s of time with my kids, that’s just another one of my little hang-ups.

Just recently, I requested that instead of working 40 hours over six days per week, I only work 5 @ 33 hours.

This minor adjustment would allow me to work the sixth day for myself. As a contractor, my pay automatically more than triples per hour.

That schedule was working for a bit… At least for me, it was.

But just today I got the call from the boss-man.

“Commit to 40, or I’m going to replace you.”

That’s a bit of a pickle for me to deal with. Honestly, I think I’m going to have to walk… I need my freedom!

He can’t pay me enough. I understand that. Plus, well, all the other stuff I said earlier in the post too.

Freedom is why I began getting after becoming a marketer online, to begin with.

For freedom, and finances.

But don’t get me wrong, I have kids to support and a mortgage.

Just about everyone around me seems to think I should “commit” to the man and stick around, at least for now.

The problem I have though, if he needs a commitment, I can’t do it. I’m going to leave eventually. It’s just a matter of time…

Anyways. It’s something I’ll definitely continue praying for guidance about.

Till next time.





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